Animal RESCUE couple ‘killed puppy and fed it to their dogs’

A couple have been accused of killing a puppy and feeding it to their other dogs.

Kevin Diers and Gina Alfano, from North Carolina, were jailed for suspected animal abuse charges after police made the horrifying discovery.

Officers who were called to their home in Newport saw a dog feeding on an eight-week-old puppy’s leg.

The skinned carcass of the puppy was later found in a shed on the property.

Investigators later learned that the puppy’s organs had been removed and then used to feed other dogs that the couple housed on the property.

Police had received an anonymous tip off that animals were being mistreated by 52-year-old-Diers and his 43-year-old partner Alfano, despite Alfano being a self-proclaimed animal lover and rescuer.

Carteret County Sheriff’s Department Captain Jason Wank said: ‘(Officers) discovered the head of the dog and then basically it was opened up and gutted.

‘This was done by a human being and not another animal, the fact a dog is found chewing on a deceased dog’s leg is one thing but we believe the leg was cut off intentionally.’

Another dog, a maltese, was found dead but had not been gutted. They have both been sent to a medical examiner.

Neighbours said they would bring the dogs water as the never seemed to have any – even in summer. They were shocked when they heard about the gruesome discovery.

Diers and Alfano were booked into the Carteret County Jail on charges of cruelty to animals and failing to dispose of a deceased domesticated animal.

The couple were later released after posting $25,000 bond each.

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