Coyote attacks another small dog

schnoodleA second small dog in as many days fell prey to a coyote attack this week in northwest Oakville.

A 16-pound schnoodle (half schnauzer, half poodle) was attacked at around 10 a.m. Wednesday while on a walk with its owner north of Upper Middle Road, near Grand Oak Trail.

The dog survived — a much better fate than what befell a five-pound malti-poo (half-Maltese, half-poodle) that was snatched and killed near Heritage Way Park and Saddler Circle Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday morning, Oakville resident Kim Ramsahoye and her schnoodle, Chachi, were out for a walk with a neighbor and her puppy along with a friend and her puppy Wednesday morning. Both dogs were leashed.

As they approached the path leading to Grand Oak Trail, Ramsahoye said she saw what she first believed to be a dog on the path in the road.

As the wild dog approached closer, she says she realized the animal was a coyote and instructed her friend to turn around and walk away, at which point Ramsahoye’s friend picked up her puppy.

When Ramsahoye noticed the coyote was about 10 feet from them she says they both became frightened and ran, causing the coyote to chase after them.

As the wild dog got closer, Ramsahoye says it jumped onto her schnoodle and bit its hindquarters.

“I remembered the tip about making yourself seem bigger than the coyote and started stomping my feet and yelling to make noise to scare it away,” she said. “But nothing was working. So I let go of the leash to give Chachi a fighting chance.”

The coyote chased the schnoodle into some nearby bushes, at which point Ramsahoye said she lost sight of her dog and called 911.

After walking to the main road, she met up with a Halton police officer who helped Ramsahoye look for her dog.

“At that point I lost track of my friend and her puppy, but around 10:30 a.m. I get a call from her telling me that Chachi is sitting on my front porch shaking,” she said.

Ramsahoye suspects her friend, who is also a neighbour, saw her dog on her way home.

The Halton police officer instructed Ramsahoye to tell her friend not to touch the dog and wait for the Oakville Humane Society to arrive.

“After the whole ordeal, I later learned that the coyote had chased Chachi back to his home and my next-door neighbor saw the whole thing,” she said. “He apparently started throwing shoes at the coyote to scare it off, but then it started running towards him and he ran back into his house and shut the door. The coyote disappeared after that.”

Once the Humane Society arrived at Ramashoye’s home and assessed the dog, animal control officers instructed its owner to taken the injured animal to a vet.

“The vet treated him and Chachi’s doing OK,” she said. “He has one puncture wound and bruising around the area, a paw that was bleeding and he lost a couple of nails, I guess from running so fast. But all his vaccines were up to date, so the vet gave me an oral anti-biotic to give him.”

The Ministry of Natural Resources has advised residents not to feed or approach coyotes, should they encounter one.

However, if they do come face to face with a coyote, residents are advised to act larger in stature than the wild animal and make noise by jiggling keys, using a loud voice or making other loud noises to scare them off. It is not advisable to run away.

For more information on the Town of Oakville’s wildlife initiatives, visit–coyote-attacks-another-small-dog

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