Woman’s dogs shot and killed by BB gun

DENVER – A Denver woman found her two little dogs dead in her back yard this morning. Cristina Amaro told 9NEWS she believes her 6 year-old Maltese Latte and 7 month-old Chihuahua Swagg were shot by a BB gun.

Her worried neighbors emailed 9NEWS Sunday afternoon.

“They appear to be shot possibly by a BB gun,” Amaro told 9NEWS. “I don’t know if somebody was in my back yard or it was one of my neighbors. There were multiple shots.”

Amaro told us she let her two pets out about 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning to go to the bathroom and went to get them around 8 a.m. but they didn’t come when she called.

“I found them both dead on the floor. Didn’t really know what happened, just saw blood on both of their bellies,” she said.

The Director of Denver Animal Care and Control Doug Kelley told 9NEWS the agency will be investigating what happened. It might turn into a joint investigation with Denver Police.
Kelley said in 2005 the agency received one barking dog complaint from Amaro’s address.

“It’s just scary. I don’t know if somebody is as crazy to shoot my dogs and kill them if we are going to be able to hang out outside,” Amaro said. “It’s really scary. Really hurt about it. They’re just like my family. To me they were my kids, I would never wish that upon anybody.”

Kelley said if the dogs were in fact shot, this could be a felony investigation. But cases like this one happen infrequently, he added. The agency said it investigated one or two such cases in 2010.


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