Dog Reunited With Inkster Family After Four Years

INKSTER, Mich. — After more than four years a very special dog has been reunited with his family

Over the years, many people have seen the sign on Inkster Road in Inkster, pleading for anyone who might have seen a dog named Lucky.

Lucky is a vibrant dog that’s a full blooded Maltese and quite valuable. His owners Stan and Cheryl Sypniewski paid a couple thousand dollars for him at a Westland Pet shop and quickly became a member of the family.

A couple of months later Stan needed to sell his boat and left the gate open for a couple of minutes and that’s when his prized puppy bolted off without a collar.

“We went to the humane society, called the dog pound in Inkster, the one in Dearborn, Westland, and Garden City,” said owner Stan Sypniewski.

His neighbors said they saw someone pick up Lucky.

“We never thought we’d see him again,” said Stan.

The couple continued to look and ended up finding Layla, a red Doberman at the pound. Life continued on and then earlier this year the phone rang. It turned out Lucky found new owners to take care of him, about ten miles away, and they gave him to another family who brought him to the vet.

“When I handed the phone to my wife, she started crying. I turned around and told her Lucky was alive and they wanted to know if we wanted him back and we were like yes, yes,” said Stan.

So now Lucky and Layla are fast friends and aren’t allowed out of anyone’s sights, much less the yard.

Lucky was lucky enough to have owners that put an electronic microchip under his skin and that is how the family reunited.

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