Couple calls dog’s return a miracle after disappearing for 30 hours with coyote

dog_attached_by_coyoteINVERNESS, Fla. – Sandra and Daniel Bryant named their Maltese “Baby,” because when she was a puppy, she was so small she fit in the palm of the hand.

As an adult, she’s still only 9 lbs, and easy prey for predators who live nearby.

Last week, Sandra was in the shower when she heard Daniel screaming. She ran outside and saw Baby hanging from a coyote’s mouth.

“I took off after the coyote with a broom,” Sandra recounted. “My husband said, ‘What were you going to do with that?’ I said, ‘I was going to kill it.'”

She never got the chance. The coyote disappeared with Baby, and they figured she’d be the second dog they would lose in less than a month.

Until a day later, when Baby somehow showed up at the doggy door.

“She came walking through the door.  I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ She had her eye hanging out,” Daniel said.

He called Sandra at work.

“I screamed and started crying,” she said.

Baby only has one eye now, and she’s covered in bite marks, but considering she likely spent almost 30 hours in a coyote’s den, the vets say she is lucky she’s alive.

The day she was snatched was her 5th birthday, and the Bryants say $1,100 in medical bills was a birthday present well worth the cost.

“It’s a miracle. Unbelievable,” Daniel smiled. “I never would’ve thought I’d see her again.”

Today, Sandra doesn’t just keep a broom around to chase coyotes away. She’s got a shotgun by the back door.

She says she used to think coyotes were God’s creatures too.

“I still think he made them and they are His creatures, but I don’t want them in my backyard,” she laughed.

The Bryants want the coyote trapped, but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission can’t do anything about the nuisance animals because they only have funding to trap gators.

They do, however, have several tips for residents to help keep pets safe. For more information, visit the FWC coyote page at .

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