5 Best Small Dogs That Stay Small!

Maltese PuppySmall dogs are best for apartments and cramped spaces of living in they city. As puppies, all dogs are cute and cuddly but imagine how much space a full grown mastiff or boxer will take? It is like having a big bulky kid in the house that demands space. If you are living in a matchbox apartment it does not stop you from being a dog lover. What you need are small dogs that stay small so that they can grow up and yet have their space. You can have more than one pet at home if you go for this type of dog breeds.

However do not be deceived that small dogs that stay small are always real sweethearts. The best of the small dogs are arrogant and very bad tempered. So choose wisely from this list.

Top 5 Best Small Dogs:

  1. Maltese: First of all they are so very cute that you would like to have one. But be careful not to go overboard because if you pamper them too much they can turn disobedient and if can believe it, aggressive. They are not dogs that shed a lot so can have them around even if you are mildly allergic to dog hair. There beautiful white coat can be very well groomed. The only minus point is that you cannot leave them alone at home or else they get sick with a broken heart!
  2. Boston Terrier: Not all terriers are large, this one is one of the smallest miniature varieties. They are one of the best small dogs to have because of their friendly (slightly silly) nature. They need hardly any fussing over their coat and bond well with children. However you need to willing to sacrifice quite a few remote controls and mobile phones because they chew on anything they can find!
  3. Pugs: Extremely popular these days after the various mobile network advertisement. They can go up to any extent of fooling to please you. Comic yet pretty stubborn and smug at time they are very cute companions. These small dogs that stay small are definitely not the best bed mates because they have a unique muzzle problems that makes them heavy snorers.
  4. Poodles: Nothing exceptional about them except their super frizzy coat but they are in fact one of the best pet dogs ever. Obedient and shy they stick to one master but yours kids will love them.
  5. Chihuahua: Expensive and fashionable among other types of dog breeds. You must have seen Paris Hilton carrying one in her purse. Choose this pet only if you are going to carry it in your purse. This breed of lapdogs can be difficult to train and hardly useful for children to play. But if you have a hoard of pets including cats and guinea pigs then this little one will bond well with them.

These are the best 5 small dogs for apartments.


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