Halloween Could Be Very Scary For Your Pet; Some Dangers & Other Info!

"tear staining" which is common with MalteseHalloween can be a very hazardous time for your dog, mainly because of all the  snacks, treats and candy that is given out. Chocolate is one of the most toxic foods for dogs! Make sure there is none lying around that your pooch could possibly get a hold of. Keep the trick or treater`s bowl far  out of your dog`s reach.

Make sure all the children of the home know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs and how important it is not to leave any lying around the house. Educate them about this very well! If you`re having a kid`s  Halloween Party, make sure to tell all the kids about the dangers of feeding chocolate to a dog.

The next issue is all the noise as children will be constantly ringing the door bell or knocking on the door, so turn on the TV or radio, so there is a background noise.

Another problem is your dog may not like all these children coming to the door, plus some kids like playing pranks, so if your dog is over protective or too shy and timid for such noise and commotion,  you may want to put him  in another room until the trick or treating is over.

There are also lots of Halloween decorations around that your dog could mistake for a treat. If your dog swallows something he shouldn`t have, he may have mouth irritation and/or pain or maybe excessive drooling. If you have extensively decorated, you may want to restrict your pooch to those areas or put him in another room.

You can devote a whole room to him and put his food, water, bed, toys and anything else he might need in there until all the spooks are gone! If there is a TV in the room, turn it on so he has the feeling there is someone else in the room.

If you have an outgoing pooch that would love all the excitement, you might want to consider putting him on a leash, in the house, so each time you answer the door, with pooch in hand, he can`t escape outside and you can control him much easier, with all the little kiddies around! By practicing safety and security, you and your pooch can have a  Great Halloween! For more info, you can visit: www.murrayhillvethospital.com


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