Dog lost in Alameda reunited with owner

“I call her Miracle Maggie,” Janice Reese says of her 3-year-old Maltese-Yorkie mix, who was returned to her Oct. 17 after being missing for more than two months. Reese gave her dog the nickname, she said, because it’s a miracle that she came home.

Maggie went missing on Aug. 9 while the Oregon resident was visiting her daughter, Sunny, in Alameda. And it was only through the dogged persistence of Reese’s daughter and one of her new neighbors that Maggie eventually was found.

Reese was visiting her daughter as she moved into a new place on the Island. Reese’s husband had died 10 days earlier, and she said her daughter wanted to spend time with her. Reese brought Maggie with her because she didn’t want to leave her home.

Reese went out to dinner with her daughter and her new in-laws and when she returned, there was a note on her car asking if she was missing a little white dog. One of her daughter’s neighbors, Diane Stohner, had left the note because Maggie had an Oregon license tag and Reese’s car had Oregon plates. Stohner told Reese a man named Ivan had told her he’d found the dog, Reese said. But she hadn’t gotten his contact information.

“I spent my whole three days down there looking for her. And I came home in tears,” recalled Reese, who said she was “devastated” that her dog was gone.

The search for Maggie continued. Reese’s daughter and Stohner posted fliers and canvassed neighborhoods where they thought Maggie might be

found, and Reese posted a daily missing dog notice on Craigslist. Eventually, they got a break: Stohner spotted Ivan working at a local Halloween store.

Stohner confirmed that he was the man who had found Reese’s dog and this time, she got Ivan’s number. But when he didn’t respond to her and Reese’s calls, they contacted Alameda police. Then a woman who Ivan either gave or sold Maggie to returned her to the police department, and she hasn’t been out of Reese’s sight since.

“I bought her a fancy car seat, and she’s always with me,” said Reese.

Reese said she’s grateful for the assistance her daughter and Stohner and the Alameda Police Department provided in getting Maggie back. And she’s urging pet owners to get their animals microchipped. Reese said she hadn’t seen the need to microchip Maggie because she lives in a “nice neighborhood” in central Oregon and her dog was never alone. But if she had been implanted with a chip and scanned by a veterinarian — the woman who returned Maggie to police said she had taken Maggie to the vet — she might have been returned sooner.

“The minute she was found, I called the vet, and I had her chipped,” Reese said.

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