Rescue Maltese Takes on Double Trouble

Esther, a darling Maltese who recently adopted a family in Washington, D.C., faces a special burden in her pack: 9-year old twin human boys who are perpetually confused about who’s who and are thus having a hard time learning to come when called.

“I’ll bark, ‘Max!’” Esther said. “But SAM will come running. Or I’ll bark ‘Sam, come!’ — only here comes Max.” Esther paused to shake her head sadly. “I worry all the time about their future. How can they get jobs if they can’t remember who’s who?”

Esther has been working tirelessly with the boys, and on the whole maintains a positive and hopeful attitude.

But she admits to sometimes thinking, “I’m going to spend the next one hundred years trying to straighten these two out.”

When asked if perhaps it was her barking causing the confusion, Esther appeared stunned.

“I am a terrific barker,” she said crisply. “I feel quite confident …

that is not the problem.”

Esther said that when she was at The Washington Animal Shelter League, and Max and Sam’s family came in and filled out an application to see if Esther would adopt them, that Max and Sam’s problems were not disclosed.”

“I think they were so excited that I might come live with them that they thought if they told me that Max and Sam are name-challenged that I might not adopt them,” Esther said. “Frankly I can’t blame them.”

Esther said that the worst moments are when the boys seemed to show “a more advanced variation on the problem.”

“I’ll clearly bark ‘Max come!’ Esther said. “But then they both come barreling down the hallway.” Looking heavenward, Esther seemed to choke back tears, “I’m like, ‘Really? ‘Are you kidding me?’ I mean how am I supposed to work with that?”

Esther said that despite the daily frustrations associated with trying to train Max and Sam to “live up to their full potential and get their names straight,” she doesn’t regret adopting the family for a minute.

“These are very loving humans. I’m very happy with my choice. Max and Sam are particularly loving boys.”

When asked how she will celebrate if Max and Sam figure out who is who, Esther looked as if someone had suggested she take up baking bread.

“There won’t be any time for celebrating!” Esther barked. “We’re way behind in terms of other basics like ‘give me more treats now!’ and “take me for a walk!’ I can’t begin to think about teaching them those other commands until they get their names straight!”

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